Staying Refreshed at Home? No Sweat!
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Say goodbye to sweltering summertime discomfort forever with the help of OnPoint's range of air conditioning solutions, installation services, and maintenance and repair services.

As delightful as it may be to spend your days outside sunning yourself during the blistering Toronto summers, you don’t want to be battling that same heat indoors – and with OnPoint Home Services’ range of cooling solutions, you’ll never have to!

Figuring out what kind of cooling system your home needs when it’s time for a replacement can be a minefield of confusing technical terminology, specifications, and energy ratings, but things get a lot easier with the help of the OnPoint team.

We make sure never to inundate you with indecipherable technical jargon, or to engage in shady and aggressive up-selling techniques to make you purchase a solution you don’t need. That’s just not the OnPoint way, and we’re very proud of that!

What you’ll get from our team is an understanding ear that’ll listen attentively to your home cooling requirements or problems, and a plain-English explanation of each of our recommended solutions, with clear details on what each will mean for your family’s comfort, as well as a thorough cost breakdown of both outright purchase and rental options.

It’s our job to worry about your home cooling so you don’t have to!

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