“Dry air is great!” – Said No One Ever

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Dry air causes dry skin (which leads to breakouts and flaking), static hair, and irritated eyes. You might be thinking to yourself, “Why are we talking about dry air? Isn’t that a winter thing? Isn’t winter over now?” Yes. Winter is over, but that doesn’t mean that the air around you isn’t dry!

You spend most of your day at the office, but the temperature and the humidity levels are way out of your control!

Here are some solutions for you to combat the dry office air:


If you can have a humidifier in your office, we highly recommend it! Otherwise, there are some small desk humidifiers that are about as big as a large coffee mug. It’ll help to release more moisture into the air directly around you.


Acts as a natural humidifier through transpiration, which is the release of water vapour into the air. Place a couple of plants around the house and keep a small desk plant at your desk. The bonus is that they’re pretty great to look at too!


When the air around you is dry, your skin loses moisture through a process of diffusion or evaporation. Using a lotion will act as a barrier, trapping the moisture, as well as replenish some water, which penetrates the cell membranes to rehydrate and plump up the outermost layers of dead skin cells. This will prevent your skin from dehydrating.


Drinking lots of water will help with combating the effects of dry air. You may have noticed that when the air is dry, your skin gets oily – it’s trying to rehydrate itself by overproducing sebum. Keeping hydrated will help with this (and we recommend keeping some blotting sheets on hand!)


Dry eyes are downright annoying, it always feels like something’s in your eyes. Keeping eye drops on hand will help with that and if you’re staring at a computer for most of your day, sometimes you’re so focused, you forget to blink. So take a few breaks for your eyes.

Go Outside

Taking a walk outside will give your body a break from your office environment to reset. Plus, it’s nice to get some fresh air in.

Now go and be dry no more!

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