Furnace or Boiler Issues?

The OnPoint's engineers are standing by!

OnPoint Heating Maintenance

Furnace on the fritz? Boiler on the blink? On Point's skilled team of maintenance experts are standing by, ready to breathe new life into your home heating equipment!

There are few things in life more frustrating than a furnace or boiler that decides to give up the ghost just when you need it most – but you might not have to break into your bank account to finance a replacement just yet! 

At OnPoint we don’t just install new furnaces, we’ve also got a team of furnace and boiler maintenance experts on hand, ready to diagnose your problems and let you know if a repair is feasible.

Our team can service any gas furnace or boiler, so long as replacement parts are still available, with a 10% discount offered if your equipment was originally installed by OnPoint.

To get the ball rolling on your furnace or boiler repair, all you need to do is contact OnPoint today to explain the problem, and schedule an in-home inspection of your equipment. From there, we’ll dispatch an engineer to your home to investigate,.

Where repair is possible, we’ll explain your options, and make recommendations on whether it’s more cost effective to continue with the repair, or replace your equipment completely.

Don’t worry, there’ll never be aggressive up-selling or sleazy sales techniques – we want the same result as you… A cost-effective solution to keep your family warm!


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