Buying a New Furnace?
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Purchasing Heating Equipment with OnPoint

Buying a new furnace for your home is no small matter. With so many options on the market it can be difficult to know exactly what your home needs - but the OnPoint heating team is here to make your life easier...

As part of all furnace sales, you OnPoint team offers a full, and completely FREE, in-home consultation to help us better understand your home’s heating needs.

Because every home is different – from building materials used during construction to the layout of the home, location of the existing furnace, and quality of vents – this consultation is an essential step to ensure you’re getting a furnace with the specifications needed to keep your home comfortable.

Once we’ve surveyed your home at a time that’s convenient to you, your OnPoint consultant determines your optimal furnace requirements and presents you with a range of options in different price points, and with different features, while making recommendations on which they feel are best for your needs.

This isn’t a one-way street, though, and your consultant is equipped to answer any questions you might have about your furnace options, as well as the process that will follow to get your equipment installed and running.

As is standard with OnPoint, you’ll never be pressured into making a decision, and we’ll never engage in aggressive sales tactics, or potentially confusing technical jargon. You’ll always be getting our honest recommendations based on your home!

Once you’ve worked with your consultant to make decision on the furnace you’d like to purchase, you’ll be walked through the terms of your purchase agreement before scheduling an installation date that works for your family.

On that date, our installation crew will arrive – on time – to remove your existing furnace and replace it with your brand new one. Our crews are always courteous and friendly, and will ensure that your work is carried out in an efficient and tidy manner.

From the second your installation has been completed, you’ll be covered by OnPoint’s industry leading 10-year parts and labour warranty, which guarantees our work, as well as your comfort!

Contact our sales team today to schedule your in-home heating consultation!

On Point’s in-home consultations are designed to ensure you get the best possible value for your money, based on the design, building materials, square footage, and layout of your home.

Our consultants are trained to the very highest standards, and are exceptionally knowledgeable about OnPoint’s range of heating products. With this knowledge, they’ll help you find the perfect furnace for your family’s needs, and explain the next steps of the process clearly, and without confusing jargon or aggressive up-sells.

To schedule an in-home consultation, please contact On Point today.

There are a number of important factors to consider when selecting the furnace that’s right for your home. Among these are the overall area of your home, the construction materials used throughout, when your home was built, the quality of insulation and windows, and more.

On Point’s team of in-home consultation experts are fully transparent with you at all times when it comes to cost comparisons and equipment recommendations.

To schedule an in-home consultation, please contact On Point today.

The decision to purchase a new furnace is often one that’s forced unexpectedly upon a home owner – usually through the unexpected breakdown of an existing furnace – so OnPoint understands the importance of cost to your family.

We firmly believe that everyone should have the ability to feel comfortable in their home, and our consultants are equipped to give you a range of options to suit your budget – as well as showing you the cost breakdown between outright purchasing and the option of renting your equipment instead.

Our team’s goal is always to work with you to find the right solution for your requirements!

OnPoint is happy to offer our customers an option for financing their purchase with no payments up to 12 months. As part of this financing agreement, we offer a wide range of benefits to help make your decision to purchase a new furnace as easy as possible. These include:

Affordable monthly payments:
Automated bank withdrawals to help reduce stress

Flexible payment terms

Term Loans
Ranging from 24 to 144 months

No payments for up to 12 months

Equal payment plans

High approval amounts

Low minimum transaction size
As low as $1,000

Lump sum payments

Early payout option
Pay off your principal at any time

Competitive interest rates starting from 9.9%
To help you manage your budget

Minimize large upfront costs
You don’t have to tap into your nest egg

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