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OnPoint Water Heaters

Start the mornings the right way instead of fighting over who has to take the cold shower with a brand new, high-efficiency water heater from OnPoint Home Services...

It may not be the most glamorous purchase you’ll make for your home, nor is it the star of the HVAC world, but a reliable water heater will go a long way in making your family’s life a lot more comfortable! 

In addition to offering gas heaters and air conditioning systems, OnPoint is proud to offer a fantastic selection of water heaters – all ready and able to provide a near endless supply of hot water to you and your family.

Whether you’re looking for a traditional water heater, or would like to switch to a newer, tankless, model, we’ve got something for every family’s requirements.

To get started, your first step is to  contact OnPoint today and chat with a member of our experienced and knowledgeable sales team about your home’s needs. We’ll run you through some basic questions about your household’s water usage, and help you to identify the most cost-effective and energy efficient solutions.

With a range of options available for both outright purchase and rental, we’ve got a solution available for every budget – even if this is an unexpected household expense.

Once you’ve made a decision, we’ll arrange a date that works for your schedule for our installation team to remove your existing water heater (we’ll look after disposal or return to your existing rental company), and install a brand new solution to provide you and your family with enough on-demand hot water to ensure everyone gets a hot shower each morning!


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