Home Allergies? We Might Think We Can Help

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When you’re outside and you feel much better than inside, it must cause some confusion! When you’re at home, you’re supposed to be at a state of rest, not sneezing and feel uncomfortable. While you can’t do much about allergies at your office, in your home, we think you might find be able to find your culprit:


When was the last time you had the ducts in your home cleaned? It’s shocking how much dust and other particulate matters can accumulate in an average home. We recommend a thorough clean out!


When there’s too much moisture in an area, there are usually mould and mildew growth. Always have vents on in the bathroom after a shower and use the oven hood when cooking to prevent these. If your home has a high level of humidity, consider installing a dehumidifier to help regulate it.


Have you changed your furnace and air conditioner filters? They need to be replaced frequently and regularly. The quality of these filters is also important to take into consideration – a cheap filter won’t work as well and won’t do the job properly. You can take a look into HEPA ratings to compare the value of the filters.


Keeping dust at bay can be a challenge. Regularly vacuuming your carpets and other textiles is a good place to start – be sure to also hit those tiny corners too! Get rid of dust mites in your bedding by washing it every week in hot temperature. If you’re still facing allergies, consider installing an electronic air purifier.


Your pets might be carrying outside allergens, but a build up of animal dander and dust can also be the cause of your allergies.

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