Keeping Your Nice Home Nice

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Your home decor looks phenomenal – you’ve poured so much time and resources into making it absolutely perfect. There’s no way you’d let it get ruined. We hate to be the bearer of bad news, but an invisible entity is potentially doing just that! Humidity could be damaging your home interior.


Too much humidity could be minimizing the lifespan of your wood furniture since it’s porous and absorbs water vapour. Too little humidity can cause paint to grow brittle and crack. You want to make sure to keep a consistent humidity level with either a humidifier or a dehumidifier to keep your wood exactly the same.


Any paper keepsakes exposed to humidity is is just as bad as taking a pair of scissors and cutting them up. Old photos, letters, cards, handwritten notes – these papers will degrade once exposed to humidity! The best way to keep them safe is to place these items in a waterproof box, enclosing them in a moisture-free zone.


If you have musical instruments, none of them fare well in humid environments. Acoustic pianos, guitars, drum kits, and woodwinds are made of wood, which can lead to water absorption. But, also your brass instruments can suffer discolouration. Avoid storing these instruments in an attic – hot air rises, cold air sinks – these conditions are certainly not ideal. Instead, store your instruments in an unused room in the house instead.


Art hanging up made by your child or a museum-quality piece face the same issue – paint becomes brittle in a dry environment and cracks. If it’s oil paint, the problem is only compounded. The paint will peel, the canvas fibres would expand and warp your painting. Keeping a moderate temperature level in your rooms with art is imperative to maintaining them.

Don’t let this uninvited guest ruin your home. Follow the above to make sure your nice home stays that way.

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