Thermostat Wars

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We all have different levels of comfort. Some people like coffee, others like tea. Some like cats, others like dogs. Some like crunchy, others like smooth peanut butter (or there are some who are deathly allergic to it!) We all have our likes and dislikes and for the most part, it’s harmless… unless it comes to the temperature in the house!

Let’s face it, we’ve all been there – someone thinks it’s too hot, but you like it just the way it is. The person turns the thermostat down to a lower temperature without you knowing. When you realize it’s freezing all of a sudden to only walk over to the thermostat and discover the temperature’s been changed. You take a peek to see if anyone’s watching and turn it back up. This cycle goes on and on and on. What do we do when we can’t make everyone happy? Instead of making enemies of everyone you live with, here’s our list of solutions to avoid passive-aggressiveness and stay friends with everyone in the room:

  • Space heaters – works well when everyone’s in different rooms or under your desk at your feet
  • Heated blankets – wrapped up like a burrito is a cozy option
  • Portable A/C units – you can make one room feel especially like a fridge
  • Small fans – keep it next to you at home or on your desk at work
  • Cover your vents – block your vents or even tape them (works well at the office)
  • Do a bunch of chores – that’ll warm you right up
  • Sit by the fireplace – you’ll be nice and toasty
  • Eat really cold food – helps you cool down
  • Eat really spicy food – you’ll be feeling the heat in no time
  • Kick the other person out – one person, one temperature to rule them all
  • Multi-zone thermostat – some smart home thermostats support different temperatures in different areas of the house

What are some other solutions we missed?

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